Water in Diesel Fuel Testing Capsules


Water in your fuel can create major problems for your engine, not only can it create reliability issues it can also give you a big repair bill for injector and fuel pump repairs. The downtime of your equipment may also cost you a lot money.

Best fuel testing solutions for water in diesel fuel here.

Water can get into your diesel fuel in many ways, moisture can condensate on the walls of your tank and fall into the fuel or water can enter simply when you fill your tank with contaminated fuel.

All diesel fuel will contain small amounts of water, at a certain level this water will not be problem. It is recommended that your fuel should not have more than a specific level of water contamination.

The acceptable amount of water in diesel is not more than 200 mg/L (ppm) this is called the EN 590 standard. Levels above 200 ppm is an issue which should be addressed before major issues arise.

Testing for water in diesel fuel is easy safe and fast, regular testing for water in fuel is highly recommended by diesel engine experts to reduce risk of possible problems.

How to use these capsule type tests, simply open a capsule and empty the contents into your fuel sample, shake or stir the sample and check for the powder to change color in a few minutes. If the powder turns pink / red water has been detected in your test sample.

Water detection capsules for diesel fuel come in several brands – we recommend the best alternatives to pill type diesel test capsules here.

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