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Our diesel fuel test kits ship to all states in the USA on a regular basis already. They are designed to check for the presence of microbial and water contamination problems in your fuel.

Diesel engines and its fuel systems require clean fuel top operate reliably and efficiently. Without quality fuel you may have engine breakdowns and expensive repair bills to your fuel system components.

Diesel Fuel Test Kits for USA based customers

Fuelturbo can supply your USA based business with several types’ diesel fuel test kits at low cost. From the basic FT-1 Premium that tests for water and basic fuel quality in only 5 minutes to the FT-Combo kit that tests for both water and bacterial problems like algae, fungus, moulds  and bacteria for complete peace of mind.

If your business has stored diesel fuel, it’s a great idea to use our diesel fuel test kits at least every 90 days to make sure water or bugs have not contaminated your fuel. The need to treat you feel before it’s too late can easily be determined with our easy to use test kits.

Most Popular Diesel Fuel Test Kits USA

The FT-1 Premium and the FT-Combo is the most popular test kits that we sell into the USA. Both kits offer an easy solution for checking of water and bacterial problems for both your own equipment or offering it to retail customers. The FT-1 can be seen in the images below.

USA Customers Diesel Fuel Test Kits Sales

Our research and development facility produces the best available test kits at inexpensive prices.

Please send us an email to get a quote for our test kits.

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