Part # FT1 Contents & how to use instructions

Part # FT1 Contents & how to use instructions
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Part # FT – 1 Budget Diesel Fuel Water Contamination & Clarity Test

FT-1 Budget is for for field testing of diesel fuel water contamination at 20 PPM (parts per million) and above plus visual clarity testing of sample. Each kit contains 1 x test bottle 1 x water detection agent 1 x plastic gloves 1 x instructions – packaged in zip bag. An upgraded version of this test kit is available in the FT-1 Premium version here. This kit is also available with a bacteria, algae, fungus, mold tester in our Part # FT – Combo Test Kit  or if you need just a bug test you can look here at Part # FT – BUG Test Kit.

Diesel test kit instructions FT1 Budget  pdf-iconPDF download

NB. Do not remove the water detection agent from the container tube until ready for use. When handling fuel wear eye protection & gloves.

Test how to do  – Insert a sample of diesel fuel into the test bottle of about 4 ounce / 100 ml, pop off cap from agent container tube; remove and split capsule, pour agent into the test bottle, screw cap on, shake for 30 seconds, allow bottle to rest for 5 minutes & view visual indicators as per images 1 & 2.

View the agent color from the bottom of the bottle as per image 3. The water detection agent will change from its natural color to a pink / purple color if water is present in the sample at around 20 PPM (parts per million) & above.

Fail, image 1 – If you cannot see the 4 indicators your sample has failed the visual clarity test. You also should not see particles in your fuel and any visible slime like substances present is a good indicator of algae / bacteria problems.

Pass, image 2 – You should be able to view in some way all 4 visual indicator P A S S ovals.

Fail, image 3 – Pink / purple specks at the bottom of the test bottle indicate water contamination detected.

Test kit fail image Test kit pass image

Diesel fuel test water detected

General – The 4 visual sight indicators allow you to ascertain the general quality of the diesel & the clarity of sample will assist you in diagnosing the condition of the fuel. Degraded, dark & water contaminated fuel negatively impacts combustion & can cause breakdowns & damage to engines / fuel systems. The test kits provide non quantitative results & can be used as general indicators of fuel quality as a first step in evaluating the condition of the fuel.

If fail testing, additives to stabilize / break down water in the fuel, or the need to change filters or undertake fuel servicing may be required. If more definitive tests are required use a laboratory for a complete analysis. The threshold levels good vs. questionable fuel indicators are modeled on general diesel fuel quality standards. Non-hazardous materials contained in kits. Dispose responsibly, wear safety glasses & gloves when handling fuel & testing.

Diesel test kit Ft-1 Budget instructions pdf-iconPDF download

FT – 1 Budget Test Kit Contents

1 x test bottle 1 x water detection agent 1 x gloves 1 x instructions on label – packaged in zip bag

FT-1 Test Kit Main Features of Note