Part # FT1 Contents & how to use instructions


Part # FT – 1 Budget Diesel Fuel Water Contamination & Clarity Test

FT-1 Budget is for for field testing of diesel fuel water contamination at 20 PPM (parts per million) and above plus visual clarity testing of sample. Each kit contains 1 x test bottle 1 x water detection agent 1 x plastic gloves 1 x instructions – packaged in zip bag. An upgraded version of this test kit is available in the FT-1 Premium version here. This kit is also available with a bacteria, algae, fungus, mold tester in our Part # FT – Combo Test Kit  or if you need just a bug test you can look here at Part # FT – BUG Test Kit.

Diesel test kit instructions FT1 Budget  pdf-iconPDF download

NB. Do not remove the water detection agent from the container tube until ready for use. When handling fuel wear eye protection & gloves.

Test how to do  – Insert a sample of diesel fuel into the test bottle of about 4 ounce / 100 ml, pop off cap from agent container tube; remove and split capsule, pour agent into the test bottle, screw cap on, shake for 30 seconds, allow bottle to rest for 5 minutes & view visual indicators as per images 1 & 2.

View the agent color from the bottom of the bottle as per image 3. The water detection agent will change from its natural color to a pink / purple color if water is present in the sample at around 20 PPM (parts per million) & above.

Fail, image 1 – If you cannot see the 4 indicators your sample has failed the visual clarity test. You also should not see particles in your fuel and any visible slime like substances present is a good indicator of algae / bacteria problems.

Pass, image 2 – You should be able to view in some way all 4 visual indicator P A S S ovals.

Fail, image 3 – Pink / purple specks at the bottom of the test bottle indicate water contamination detected.

Please Be Advised – The Critical Water Detection Parts and Components of these Test Kits are manufactured in the USA, Germany and the UK. Other non critical parts of the test kits like gloves, bottles and packaging are sourced from Asia. This mix of component sources ensures high quality test kits at the best overall price possible.

Test kit fail image Test kit pass image

Diesel fuel test water detected

General – The 4 visual sight indicators allow you to ascertain the general quality of the diesel & the clarity of sample will assist you in diagnosing the condition of the fuel. Degraded, dark & water contaminated fuel negatively impacts combustion & can cause breakdowns & damage to engines / fuel systems. The test kits provide non quantitative results & can be used as general indicators of fuel quality as a first step in evaluating the condition of the fuel.

If fail testing, additives to stabilize / break down water in the fuel, or the need to change filters or undertake fuel servicing may be required. If more definitive tests are required use a laboratory for a complete analysis. The threshold levels good vs. questionable fuel indicators are modeled on general diesel fuel quality standards. Non-hazardous materials contained in kits. Dispose responsibly, wear safety glasses & gloves when handling fuel & testing.

Diesel test kit Ft-1 Budget instructions pdf-iconPDF download

FT – 1 Budget Test Kit Contents

1 x test bottle 1 x water detection agent 1 x gloves 1 x instructions on label – packaged in zip bag

FT-1 Test Kit Main Features of Note

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