Mobile Diesel Fuel Cleaning Polishing Equipment System

Mobile Diesel Fuel Cleaning Polishing Equipment System
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Are you looking for a mobile diesel fuel cleaning / polishing equipment system that can be operated by almost anyone with a basic mechanical knowledge? Ok well take a quick at the FuelTurbo mobile diesel fuel recycling equipment on this page below.

The system is built from the highest quality components that are sourced from the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and the UK. The diesel polishing system is very portable as it is mounted on a light weight alloy frame with pneumatic tyres so you can take it anywhere you please. The system has 4 stages of diesel purification and each stage works independently of each other process. The diesel cleaning system as mentioned has 4 stages of contamination destruction; it is dialysis for your diesel fuel and tank.

Basic features

  • Stage 1 cyclone separator unit – removes contamination & water. No moving parts
  • Stage 2 basket strainer unit – removes fine contamination 100 micron & water
  • Stage 3 magnetic conditioner – destroys algae & bacteria bugs
  • Stage 4 spin on filter – removes particles & various filters sizes available. 10 micron standard

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The basket strainer we use in stage 2 reduces the amount of spin on filters used in the process of polishing. The basket we supply with each unit is a 100 micro size filter but other sizes are available on request.  If you have problems with your fuel the unit removes all traces of water and particle contamination along with the destruction of algae and bacteria problems. Our system can be operated by anyone with a basic mechanical knowledge and no formal training is required to operate the unit. Operation is very simple; connect the unit intake and return hoses to the tank and start the system.  No spillage or fuel loss can occur while in use as the system is a closed loop operation; fuel is drawn form the tank and cleaned while transferring through the polishing equipment and it is then returned back to the tank.

The process continues until all the fuel has been cleaned and polished; not only does the fuel get cleaned the tank will also receive a clean-up as the fuel returning to the tank at high flow creates a washing machine effect; this creates a vortex flow that breaks up tank contamination and allows it to be captured by the diesel tank cleaning system. While running you just need to periodically carry out small operations like filter changes and draining of the contamination from the separators. The fuel polishing system will clean and stabilise your diesel fuel back to its prime as new condition. This will result in less equipment breakdowns, more engine power, less smoke, reduced engine fuel filter changes, better fuel consumption and less expenses and repairs to expensive items like injectors and fuel pumps.

Application Use

  • Use the FuelTurbo in your equipment workshop as part of your regular maintenance program. The system can be simply connected to you equipment while you do its regular maintenance service. While running the system needs little attention except for cleaning of the basket strainer, draining of the stages 1 and 4 and replacing the filter on stage 4 when the gauge indicates the need to do this.
  • Use the FuelTurbo as a way to make money as a stand-alone business or add the unit to your existing mechanical repair shop to earn new sources of revenue. Easy to operate and good profits are possible with its use. The system is especially good to use in emergency power generator or marine fuel tank cleaning for customers; give your customers an added assurance that their equipment will run as intended when it needs to.

Equipment applications

  • The diesel polishing system can be used on any equipment that has a diesel engine. Some applications include marine tanks, power generator tanks, mining equipment, construction equipment, storage tanks, transport trucks, motor vehicles and plant. Tanks sizes from 100 litres to 20000 litres can be cleaned with the unit.

Consumables required

  • The diesel polishing machines uses very little consumables during the cleaning operation. The spin on filter in stage 4 will need to be replaced when it is plugged ie full of contamination. These filters can be purchased from your local filter dealer. The only other item needed is fuel additive stabiliser fluid which will help in the clean up process to restore the fuel quality and kill any remaining diesel fuel bugs.

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