FT-Water in Diesel Fuel Test Kit


These individual kits will test for water quickly in your diesel or kerosene-based fuel at 20 PPM (parts per million) and above.

You just need a clear plastic cup or bottle to use in the testing process.

FT-Water Test Kits: Fast Test Water in Diesel / Kerosene

How to use

    1. Insert about 100 to 200 ml / 3 to 6 oz of fuel into a clear plastic cup, container or bottle.
    2. Pour & stir test agent into your diesel fuel sample.
    3. Rest for at least 5 minutes, view from the bottom of the sample clear container to check for water detection.
    4. Pink / purple specks in the sample indicate water contamination detected at 20PPM (parts per million) and above like in below image.

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Best use by date on these FT-Water test kits is 12 months when shipped

The FT-Water in Diesel kits come in 5 stocked sizes as per below

  • Part FT-Water 20 = 20 test kits @ $3.55 per kit = Total Price $71.00

  • Part FT-Water 30 = 30 test kits @ $2.90 per kit = Total Price $87.00

  • Part FT-Water 50 = 50 test kits @ $2.65 per kit = Total Price $132.50

  • Part FT-Water 75 = 75 test kits @ $2.40 per kit = Total Price $180.00

  • Part FT-Water 100 = 100 test kits @ $2.15 per kit = Total Price $215.00 

Image of FT-Water 100 Test Kit Below

View the how to use data info sheet here

General Notes:

Capsules packaged in plastic storage box with lid. NB – Storage box style, label and test agent vials many be a little different to above image as we update packaging.

 Best use by dates of test kits have minimum date of 12 months when shipped.

Non-toxic powder contained test agent, do not contaminate powder with moisture from your fingers when handling.

No special storage requirements of test kits are required as all test agents are packaged in individual airtight vials.

 All items in stock and posted out in 1 to 2 working days.

About the Water in Diesel Fuel Test Kits:

 The test kits are designed as a first step and fast check in the evaluation of diesel fuel and kerosene for water contamination at 20 PPM and above.

 For critical applications or to be 100% sure of your fuel quality you should consider the use a laboratory for a complete numerical quantitative analysis.

 When handling flammable fuels ensure all health, safety regulations and environment law requirements are followed.

 If you fuel fails testing you will need to ascertain where the water is entering your diesel fuel system and treat or service your fuel, tanks and system to remove any water contamination. Filters and tanks may need to be changed/drained and/or fuel additive treatments added to disperse any water contamination.

 Regular testing of fuel on a weekly basis is suggested to maintain your diesel powered equipment in peak operating condition.

 Suggested uses: Fast & inexpensive testing for water contamination in diesel fuels and kerosene.

Please Note – The critical water detection components of these test kits are manufactured in the USA, Germany and UK. Other non critical parts of the test kits like the packaging are sourced from Asia. Ensuring high quality test kits at the best overall price.



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