FT-Combo Diesel Test Kit: Water, bacteria, fungus, bugs, algae.


FT – Combo Test Kit – Water, Bacteria, Bug, Algae, Fungus, Mould Detector

This is the our most comprehensive kit for field testing of diesel fuels. This kit combines our top selling Part # FT-1 Premium diesel test kit for water contamination detection at 20 PPM and above plus another separate Microbial test Part # FT – BUG. These tests can be performed safely with no special tools or lab testing required. This additional test is for the identification of algae, bacteria and bugs that can grow in diesel fuels causing blocked filters, engine breakdowns, expensive repairs and a decrease in engine performance and fuel economy.

FT-Combo test kit Part A instructions pdf-iconPDF download

FT-Combo Test kit Part B instructions pdf-icon PDF download

The special Microbial test kit is two tests in one. The unique paddle is covered on one side (cream colour) with a unique TTC Agar gel with red spot technology for easy identification of problems, this gel supports and will identify the growth of most common bacteria cells found in diesel fuels, the other side of the paddle (pink colour) is covered with a Agar gel which supports and will identify the growth of fungi / yeast / algae cells.

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Best use by date on these FT-Combo test kits is 5 to 7 months when shipped

Please Note – The major critical water and bacterial detection parts and components of these test kits are manufactured in the USA, Germany and the UK to the highest quality and standards. Other non critical parts of the test kits like gloves, bottles and packaging are sourced from Asia. This mix of component sources ensures high quality test kits at the best overall price.

Front view of FT-Combo Test Kit

Back view of FT-Combo Test Kit

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FT – Combo Test Kit – what’s included

Part A – Part # FT-1 Water Contamination Test Kit

1 x capsule of water detection agent
1 x 120 ml / 4 fluid ounce test bottle with visual clarity indicator markers.

Part B – Part # FT – BUG Microbial Test Kit

1 x Combo Microbial dip-slide bacteria / bug / algae / fungus test kit (with red spot technology).
1 x Label decal for recording of test subject details on Dip-slide holder.
NB – The Approximate Microbial counts can be determined with this kit.

Generic Kit Components Included

1 x pair nitrile gloves. (old style gloves in image below)
1 x package in a clear PVC box and complete instructions with bug identification charts.

How to use FT – Combo Test Kit

FT-Combo test kit Part A instructions pdf-iconPDF download

FT-Combo Test kit Part B instructions pdf-icon PDF download

Part A – Part # FT – 1. Insert a sample of diesel fuel into the test bottle of about 80 – 100 ml, pop off cap from agent container tube; remove and split capsule, pour agent into the test bottle, screw cap on, shake for 30 seconds, allow bottle to rest for 5 minutes & view visual indicators on bottle and view colour changes (if any of detection agent). The water detection agent will change from its natural colour to a pink / purple colour if water is present in the sample at around 20 PPM (parts per million) & above.

Part B – Part # FT – BUG. The Dip-slide paddle is simply inserted into the fuel sample then placed back into the holder. A period of about 24 – 48 hours is needed to allow the test to incubate and work. The results are then visually compared to the charts provided for identification of any Microbial problems.

Note – When this kit is shipped it has a best use by date of about 5 – 7 months.

Bottom view of FT-Combo Test Kit

You got Microbial Problems in your Diesel Fuel – Top 10 Signs.

Do you think that your diesel fuel has been contaminated by moulds, algae, microbes, bacteria or fungus? Below are a few fast facts on way to determine if in fact you have some issues that need addressing.

  1. The constant need to change fuel filters more often than your engine manufacturer recommends, microbial contamination produce elements that plug fuel filters.
  2. Above average cleaning or replacement of expensive fuel injectors
  3. Premature wear and damage of piston rings and cylinder liners, microbial contamination produce corrosive elements that increase wear and tear on these engine components.
  4. Excessive engine blow-by or an abnormal increase in engine oil consumption (these are caused by worn piston rings) see above.
  5. Increase in fuel consumption, microbial problems create fuel that does not burn cleanly and thus will increase your fuel consumption significantly.
  6. Fuel that is dis-coloured / infected turns a dark khaki colour in contrast of the bright yellow-green colour of clean diesel.
  7. Bad fuel smell, sulfuric acidic given off from microbial contamination will give off an overpowering smell that is easily recognised.
  8. Black engine exhaust smoke, once again poor combustion results in fuel not burning, hence your diesel (and money) comes out you exhaust pipes.
  9. Engines that are hard to start and have lost power, see all of above points.
  10. Engines that are stopping are caused by plugged filters in 98% of all cases.

Examples of Bacteria, Bugs & Fungus Diesel Test Results 

NB – Old style packaging images below

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