FT – BUG Test Kit: Diesel bacteria, algae, fungus & mould testing


Part # FT – BUG – Tests for Bacteria, Fungus, Algae, Mould in Diesel Fuel

Diesel test kit instructions FT – BUG  pdf-icon PDF download

The FuelTurbo Microbial test kit are two tests in one and specially formulated for diesel fuel testing. The unique paddle formulation is covered on one side (cream colour) with a TTC Agar gel (with red spot technology for diesel fuel tests), this gel supports and will identify the growth of most common bacteria and micro bug cells found in diesel fuels, the other side of the paddle (pink color) is covered with a laboratory formulated gel which supports and will identify the growth of fungi, yeast, mold and all other algae cells in your diesel fuel.

The results of bugs being present in your fuel may appear in as little as 24 hours or even less sometimes. Should the test indicate problems in your fuel you should consider treating your fuel with a biocide to kill unwanted fuel bugs or undertake a fuel maintenance program. This kit can also be ordered along with our top selling Part # FT – Combo Test Kit for water contamination checks or the water detector can be ordered only by itself FT – 1 Budget Test Kit.

How to use Part # FT – BUG.

The Dip-slide paddle is simply inserted into the fuel sample or swiped on fuel sample then placed back into the holder. A period of about 24 – 48 hours is needed to allow the test to incubate and work. The results are then visually compared to the charts provided for identification of any Microbial problems. NB – for best results before use store dip-slide away from light.

What is included

1 x Combo Microbial dip-slide bacteria / bug / algae / fungus test kit (with red spot technology for diesel fuels).

1 x Label decal for recording of test subject details on Dip-slide holder.

NB – The Approximate Microbial counts can be determined with this kit.

NB – Key Bacterial Detection Components of the Test Kits are Made in the USA and/or the UK. Other parts of the kits like gloves, bottles, packaging are sourced from Asia. This ensures the highest quality components and the best overall price for the kits.

Generic Kit Components Included

1 x pair latex gloves.

1 x package in a clear PVC box with complete instructions and identification charts.

How to identify diesel bug problems

Part # FT – BUG Microbial Test Instructions

  1. Remove test paddle from the housing. Do touch or contaminate the slide gel strips.
  2. Get a sample of diesel (if possible) from the bottom of the fuel tank where bugs are more likely to be or just drain some from the fuel filter or water separator or just extract from the tank into a suitable container.
  3. Immerse the test paddle (10 seconds) into diesel, swipe or drip some diesel over test gel areas making sure that all the test gel has been coated in diesel.
  4. Allow excess diesel to drip off the paddle, remove any drips on paddle by blotting plastic with a paper or cloth towel on the bottom edge.
  5. Place the slide back into the housing.
  6. Store the slide in the upright position at about 25°C to 35°C (86°F to 95°F) for 24 to 36 hours for detection of bacteria (cream side of paddle). Yeasts, bugs and molds detection (brown side of paddle) need about 36 to 48 hours incubation before the results can be interpreted. If the incubation is carried out at temperatures much lower or higher than above the incubation times are 2 to 4 days (bacteria) and 4 to 7 days (yeasts, bugs, molds) respectively. For best results incubate the test in a dark area or a box as bugs will grow quicker without light.
  7. Once incubated remove test paddle and compare to the charts above and refer notes on use.

Bugs, Fungus & Bacteria Positive Results Images – click to enlarge

Kit shown in the below image is the FT – Combo Test

Notes on use:

  • Simple colour changes in the agar enable easy recognition of colonies. The demarcated raised plastic under the agar makes counting easy.
  • The transparent container allows colonies to be viewed and counted safely.
  • The same area of culture medium is exposed each time to liquid specimens or solid surfaces ensuring highly consistent results.
  • The plastic vial serves as a lightweight, convenient incubator and transport container.
  • The dipslide handle facilitates sampling and reduces the opportunity for contamination.
  • They are diluted in the gel allowing growth of bacteria with less interference. Only a few microlitres of the specimen are taken up by the dipslide.
  • Antibacterial agents and biocides present in industrial fluids and on surfaces and can be used to effectively measure microorganisms in diesel fuel samples.
  • They are coated with agar-based media that are complete and ready to use safely.
  • No special equipment or training is necessary with these kits.
  • The FT – BUG test kits are an excellent monitoring tool to give the user valuable metrics about the amount of microorganisms present in their situations, as well as poor performance and costly repairs to fuel system components.
  • Microorganisms can also cause obstruction of fluid delivery lines, filters or chemical deterioration in machinery resulting in dangerous transportation fuels, petroleum products and industrial fluids resulting in alteration of the physical and chemical properties of these fluids.
  • Fuel problems are responsible for enormous economic losses to industry. You many need to undertake a program of fuel maintenance or treatment of your fuel to remove microbial contamination.


 Although it’s very unlikely that bugs found in diesel fuel will cause any health issues, dispose of used test kit responsibly after immersing test paddle in a household disinfectant overnight.


These test kits contain no hazardous materials. This preparation does not contain any substances presenting a health hazard within the meaning of the Dangerous Substances Directive 67/548/EEC.

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