Diesel Quality Testing Kit


Diesel fuel quality problems, testing kits and considerations for keeping your engine healthy and reliable.

The quality of the fuel that you engine consumes should be considered one of the most important things in terms of keeping your engine in tip top condition. Poor fuel quality can lead to many problems with your engine and some of these are listed below. Diesel fuel should be considered the blood of your engine and without this blood being in good condition your engine will die a rather fast death. Reliability issues should be of paramount importance for emergency power generators fuel maintenance programs; so don’t wait until your fuel becomes a health hazard for your engine. Address issues when they are small rather than a larger problem.

Some problems for your engine can become as follows if your diesel fuel is of low quality.

  • Hard starting
  • Excessive black smoke and high emissions
  • Poor engine performance and low engine power
  • Breakdowns from blocked fuel filters
  • Expensive repairs to fuel injector pumps and injector nozzles
  • High fuel consumption

 Diesel quality testing kits

Many good maintenance programs for diesel engines include oil and filter changes along with the checking of drive belts, cleaning of radiators, coolant checks, injector testing and cleaning, battery services, replacement of air filters, checking of turbo chargers and checking fasteners for tightness. The engine should be run on load and gauges checked for oil pressure, water temperature operating at the correct specifications. But many programs overlook the key thing that will cause an issue for a diesel engine and quite simply that is the fuel in the tank. Diesel fuel over time can tend to go off and if you do not believe us just read what BP say about fuel storage and management from our info pages. Yes fuel over a 12 month period if not used can get to such a condition that it becomes a health hazard for your engine.

Smart operators these days realize that they should also focus on making sure their fuel is in good shape and ready for use. Regular testing and fuel maintenance should include; fuel consumption and rotation i.e. use the old fuel first, draining the tanks of water and sediment, fuel testing for water/algae/sediment/sludge, fuel treatment with a quality stabilizer and regular fuel / tank cleaning polishing programs that are scheduled as part of a regular maintenance program. On our site you will find many articles about maintaining diesel fuel and factors that affect its quality and what can happen if it is not maintained to quality standards. If you were looking for a simple cost effective diesel fuel test kit just view our home page for more information.

Diesel fuel polishing equipment

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