Diesel Fuel Saver and Performance Enhancer Devices – Do They Work?


Ok if your not convinced either way on this topic just make sure your read our guide below, we sort the facts from the BS regards fuel savers for diesel engines.

The Diesel Fuel Saver Gadgets Guide

Diesel fuel devices and be divided into 3 main areas or classes of gadgets that will save you plenty of cash and make your engines power increase, well if only things in life were so true 😊 – we discuss the most common fuel saving devices like in-line fuel conditioners, air flow spinners, additives, pipe magnets, fuel pills and other gadgets of dubious worth.

Type 1 – Fuel catalysts, conditioner magnet devices, tank tablets

These “so called” catalyst and conditioner fuel savers have been around forever and there is no shortage of them about in the marketplace.

This is one the most promoted and used gadgets on the market, you simply install the unit in the fuel supply plumbing – how easy could this be to start saving money right away on your fuel bills? These are the hocus pocus magic show of fuel savers without doubt, just 5 stars of crap

If you read the hype in the sales pitch about these units it reads like they have taken 30 words from a chemistry book and spun them into sentences like “the molecules in the xyx fuel saver are refracted into high performance neutron enhancer clusters of atoms that simply combust better in your engine” think you have read this before somewhere? – well we just made it up, like they do in their “bullshit baffles brains” style of advertising common to fuel saver sellers.

These gadgets are usually a cylinder with “special bit n’ bobs” inside like magnets, special rocks, precious metals and other items like grannys panties even may be found inside these devices. So, if granny is missing some underwear chances are it’s been stuffed into a fuel saver, you think it’s gonna work.

Other easy install catalyst devices

You can even get the easy install magnet device that simply just mounts onto the fuel line with a cable tie or rubber band.

For the lazy installer, another not so common catalyst device just drops right into the fuel tank, installs in seconds and starts saving you money well actually never.

Fuel pills are also quite common, these do dissolve over time unlike the other drop-in catalyst noted above which is usually a metal object.

These devices are sure to cost you money and in reality not save you any dosh from all tests conducted by independent sources that we have noted.

Claimed benefits fuel catalysts:

Catalyst in fuel line, drop in-tank or fit around fuel line, fuel pills:

  •  10% – 30% fuel saving

  •  Big increase in engine power

  •  Smoother running and easier starting

  •  Lower emissions and smoke

  •  Lower maintenance costs

Catalysts Do they work – NO

Type 2 – Air flow spinner vortex devices

The next most advertised item is the air flow spinner, it comes under scores of different brands. They claim that by installing the unit into your air intake ducting this creates a swirling, vortex, cyclone, disrupter or twister effect on your air flow before it enters your engine, thus making things just work all so much better combustion wise, well that’s the sales pitch. Some even claim the more spinners that you fit, the more you benefit (or actually the more that they make).

It is basically a small metal device that looks like a fan blade. They are usually easy to fit and some companies manufacture them to the make and model of your vehicle. Larger engines have a generic size to suit the size of your ducting pipes.

These devices are sure to cost a few bucks but actually will not save you any money from all tests we have noted by independent sources.

Some people that have installed air flow spinners have had to foot the cost of repairs for destroyed engines, yep those little metal blades came off the outer housing and got sucked right into the engine. So, beware of installing any device like this in your engines air intake system, not for just for the fact they don’t work, just think about the possibility of an engine failure from using this type of device if it falls apart and enters your engines internal components.

Claimed benefits air flow spinners:

  •  10 – 30 % fuel saving

  •  Large Increase in power output

  •  Reduction in turbo lag

  •  Less smoke lower emissions

Air Flow Spinners Do they work – NO

Type 3 – Liquid fuel additives

Just pour it into the fuel tank, the instant Viagra performance for your engine – if only.

We know of certain high-quality additives that are effective for the purposes for which they are designed for and advertised as, but be aware that most reputable fuel brands already contain a range of additives in their fuels that you purchase at the fuel station. Although this level of additive may not be adequate to help an engine with say dirty injectors. Using these additives in your fuel for and engine that is operating normally is just a waste of money.

We know of additive types are proven to be effective in say cleaning fuel injectors, thus providing large efficiency and fuel saving improvements if these problems have de-rated the engines regular performance.

Additives won’t improve engine performance over its original baseline figures but they can assist in getting the engine back to its peak level if say you have had a bad batch of fuel or have had water or bug problems in your tank.

They also will assist in keeping your fuel stable for longer periods if say the fuel is not being used or is in storage.

Claimed benefits fuel additives:

  •  Fuel saving of up to 20%

  •  Exhaust emissions lowered by up to 40%

  •  Enhanced engine power and torque

  •  Stabilises fuel in storage periods

  •  Reduces water and bugs in fuel system

  •  Cleans injectors, fuel pumps, tanks and plumbing

Additives Do they work – Yes for certain conditions

NB – they will not improve engine performance if you have no issues nor will improve above the original performance levels.

The fake fuel saver device reviews

Websites and review portals for fuel-saving gadgets are full of positive user reviews. Some are from real customers and some are written by the people that sell them – yes fake reviews, it’s rampant these days.

Real customers inadvertently (without realizing) adapt their driving style to be more fuel saving once they fit a device, they start rolling into corners instead of powering into them or by just using the lead foot much less when driving. This method of driving is often encouraged on the instructions included with these devices; the customer is convinced it actually works thus writing a glowing review of the product – it’s the placebo effect. The driving tips might actually probably be the most useful part of the purchase so in fact it’s not a total waste of your money.

Summary of fuel saver gadgets

People will not read a free book about how to drive in an economically manner that will save them money, but they will happily spend hundreds of bucks on devices that do not work.

If you had invented a bolt on device that could save just a quarter of one percent in fuel and increase power you would be a multi-millionaire overnight. The engine manufacturers would be knocking down the door to see you.

If only real fuel savers were this easy to build. Human nature is often about beliefs and facts are not something that comes into reasoning at times.

If you spend your hard-earned cash on fuel saving gadgets – best of luck to you! We tried to warn you 🙂

 Great video below for more fuel saver info

All you need to know about diesel fuel savers infographic

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