The diesel fuel test kit that we have developed is a low cost and a fast way to check diesel  fluids for visual signs of water, algae, rust and for any other particle contamination. Two independent tests in each kit with our special water detection test strip that will quickly alert you to even the smallest amounts of water contamination and our visual analysis indicator test on the bottle that will clearly show you the general quality of your fuel.

Buy our kits and get yourself some peace of mind knowing your fuel is in good working condition when you need it the most. The test takes only a few minutes to complete and can be performed easily by most persons without any special skills. You can use the kits yourself or you can use them in your service, parts or workshop facility or as an item to sell to customers. They can also be used on all types of diesel fuels easily at a low cost.

diesel-test-kit diesel-test-kit-rear-view

 test kit instructions

put on supplied gloves

fill test bottle with fuel sample

remove water detector strip from foil bag

wipe off absorber mica from strip & insert into bottle

refit cap, shake bottle 30 seconds & allow to rest for 5 minutes

observe visual indicators & test strip as per instructions supplied

pass or fail test sample & if needed carry out fuel maintenance – fuel treatment, filter change etc

Diesel test kit instructions pdf-iconPDF download

Standard test kits are priced @ USD 4.20 per unit  – min order 10 units 
Budget kit available with just bottle, instructions & test strip @ USD 2.80 per unit – min order 15 units
Water detection test strip only in sealed bag priced @ USD 1.80 per unit – min order 20 units
Above not including post by standard or express postage or ship on your FEDEX, TNT, DHL or UPS account
1 standard packaged kit = 1 x 100 ml test bottle – 1 x  pair gloves – 1 x water detector strip – 1 x instructions – in zip bag
1 budget kit = 1 x 100 ml test bottle – 1 x water detection strip – instructions – no packaging – no gloves
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Diesel fuel is the blood of your engine and over time your fuel can become infected with items like algae or water can make its way into your tank due to condensation. When you get water in your fuel this can lead to rust and if this water makes its way to your fuel pump or injectors you can have expensive damage repair bills. Why wait for these disasters to unfold? Not only will you have the cost for the repairs you will have the inconvenience of your vehicle or equipment out of service for maybe weeks. People with power generators and marine equipment are very susceptible to diesel fuel problems due to the lack of use of the fuel; ie not being used enough.Take a look here should you need to view some diesel fuel polishing equipment.

One way to keep a check on potential diesel fuel problems is to carry out a regular six monthly fuel test in order to be sure that your fuel is in good operating condition; ensure  its good to go when you need it the most. Refer to our PDF info docs about diesel fuel maintenance from the menu tab for more informative tips. These single use test kits are an easy and fast way to check diesel fuel for problems; they are a non-quantitive test and do not have a specific numerical result as are some types of tests that can be very expensive and time consuming to do. Simply designed as a first step in the evaluation of diesel fuel. When handling flammable fuels ensure all safety regulations and environment requirements are followed.